Top 20 Reasons

For Choosing Sandcastle

Why Choose Us?

  1. We Provide An Exclusive Money Back Guarantee
    We guarantee you will be pleased with our service. If not, you will be released from your contract and we will refund your last month’s management fees. There will be no cancellation fees, penalties or legal loopholes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; it is just that simple!
  2. We Are Accessible 24/7
    Your community is assigned a Portfolio Manager that is available when you need them. Each board member is provided their managers’ cell phone number so that they can assist by answering routine questions to handling emergency situations. In addition, Sandcastle utilizes a 24/7 live operator service for after-hour maintenance emergencies….to ensure that when you need us most, we are there for you!
  3. Our Top Executives Are All Licensed CAMS
    Many association management firms are owned and operated by individuals that have no property management experience, and know little about the day-to-day management of your community. At Sandcastle, General Manager and Corporate Controller are licensed CAMs, as well as our Portfolio Managers along with several accounting and administrative staff members. We are all actively involved in the daily management of your community!
  4. We Are Fully Insured and Bonded
    Our insurance coverage includes a $1,000,000 professional liability bond; coverage that very few management companies carry. We provide this added coverage for your peace of mind and protection.
  5. We Are Independent Of Our Contractors
    We do not have any financial interest in any of the contractors or service providers that we will utilize at your community. We remain completely independent of their business, and they serve your community at your pleasure. This arms-length relationship ensures that there is no conflict of interest. We are there to serve your community and will assist you in selecting the right contractors, at the right price!
  6. We Pay Your Bills….On Time!
    Your association’s reputation and credit history is important. Your service vendors should be paid when the job is completed to your satisfaction. Our dedicated accounts payable specialist knows your accounts, your vendors and your contracts. We ensure that invoices for your community’s goods and services are paid accurately and on time.
  7. We Have 65 Years of Combined Asset Management Experience
    Our senior executives have a combined 65 years of asset management experience on a variety of property types including condominiums, homeowners associations, apartment communities, commercial condominiums, manufactured home communities and marina associations. We will assist you in making the decisions that will guarantee your community’s fiscal success.
  8. Our Financial Transactions are Transparent
    We provide your association’s board with detailed monthly records of income and expenses, and can even provide access to this information on your own web site. In addition, each invoice goes through a 3 step review process which includes a board members’ signature on the final check. No money every leaves your association’s account without your review and approval.
  9. We Know Association Collections
    Many management companies use general administrative clerks to collect and post association payments, send delinquent letters, etc. At Sandcastle, we utilize a dedicated collection specialist to ensure that your community dues are collected and posted accurately and rapidly. Our specialist also works closely with your association’s attorney to ensure that delinquent assessments are collected as quickly as permitted by law.
  10. We Are Turn-Over Experts!
    Over the years we have perfected policies and procedures which allow Sandcastle to assist in the smooth, head-ache free transition of Associations from Developer controlled to Homeowner controlled. Sandcastle creates a win-win for both the Homeowner and the Developer by diligently monitoring each stage of the process and ensuring that all parties understand and meet their turn over obligations.
  11. We Use A Team Approach to Managing Your Community
    In addition to a dedicated Portfolio Manager, your community will have an Assistant that is available for you during business hours. Plus, our management team members routinely visit your community as a second set of eyes to ensure that we are on top of the details.
  12. We Have Long Term Relationships With Our Clients
    Many of our clients have been with Sandcastle Community Management since the company was founded. Why? Because they realize the value we provide and they experience the results of that partnership each and every day.
  13. We Provide Personalized Web Site Assistance
    Your community can provide a personalized web site with its own unique domain name. Your Board will be able to post notices, meeting minutes, announce special events and even send email blasts to the members. In addition, your web site will provide 24/7 access to your communities financials, calendars and much, much more.
  14. We Provide A Free Insurance Evaluation by A Top Rated Independent Broker
    Sandcastle utilizes some of the most talented professionals in the insurance industry. They will evaluate your association’s insurance coverage and assist you in determining the right levels of coverage to protect your board, your membership, and your community.
  15. We Provide A Free Delinquency Collection Policy Evaluation By An Association Attorney
    In these difficult times, the collection of delinquent assessments is critical to your community’s success. As a Sandcastle client, you will be provided a complete review of your delinquency and collection procedure by an HOA/Condo attorney to ensure that your community is not missing valuable opportunities to collect monies owed.
  16. We Are A Highly Ethical and Professional Management Team
    We believe in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We manage our client association communities the way we want our own communities managed…with honesty and integrity. This is the only way we know to do business.
  17. We Believe in Returning Phone Calls.
    One of the most annoying problems when dealing with service providers is placing an important call to the person we believe can assist us, leaving message after message, with no return call! Here at Sandcastle, we pride ourselves in providing a receptionist answering calls at our front desk and directing you to the person who is most qualified to help you. If we are not available to take your call, we will return your message within 24 hours!
  18. Property Management Is All We Do
    Our focus is managing your community. We do not own or manage home-watch services, pool maintenance companies, landscaping services, handy-man services, real estate companies or any other business that will distract us from our main focus…YOU.
  19. We Use CPA Approved Accounting Practices With Regular Fraud Risk Evaluations
    One of the most important aspects of managing your community is our financial responsibility. We use CPA approved accounting practices, including the segregation of accounting functions; in other words, the specialist who is paying your bills is not the same person who is collecting the money! Our procedures are reviewed regularly by a Certified Public Accountant to assure that our practices meet the highest accounting standards.
  20. We Are Your Neighbors
    Sandcastle Community Management is locally owned and operated. We are not run by a large corporation or subsidiary. Our ownership is hands-on and working each day to ensure your success. We are here to serve you. We are your neighbors, and we want to be your association management company too!